Monday, February 27, 2017

Homemade Gada Mace

Last month I was doing some more reading on circular strength training.  Often we train in just one plane of motion.  For example, a deadlift is primarily a sagittal plane movement.  Circular strength involves moving an object in a rotational pattern.

A deadlift done well centrate joints and allow you to have synced up the musculoskeletal system.  My theory from what I've been reading is that rotational should do that for joints, such as the shoulder that have plenty of movement.  This is why doing something like a rotational squat can be very therapeutic.

I had purchased a 20lb mace from Onnit last year.  For me, it was to heavy and short for my strength. After reading more on the history of the Gada, developed it appears first in India, 48" seems to be the best option.  You can buy a Gada for about 55 dollars.  I actually thought it would be fun to try to make my own and let my oldest daughter help.  Total cost was a little under 15 dollars.  It probably took under 20 min to put together and I let the concrete harden for 3 days.  It turned out pretty well.  Very smooth feeling at around 10lbs.