Friday, August 17, 2018

Things I Really Like Volume 1

I once heard Jordan Peterson give a lecture on a few concepts that would indeed change your life.  It wasn't vacation, that was maybe one week a year.  It was finding the common, the ordinary things that you do everyday, that when added up, become your lifetime.  He used the example of fighting your child at bedtime.  30 min everyday for years.  That was 4 hours a week.  16 hours a month.  You keep adding this up, over the course of your 80ish year life, half a year might go towards this.  Figure out a way to not fight for those 30 minutes and you have indeed improved your life.

I thought about that concept for awhile and while this post isn't directly about that, it is it's offshoot.  What kind of things have I used that have created a little more enjoyment or I have found value in.  From the mundane to enjoyment.  

Better Mouth Care.  I have been using a Hippo and Crate toothbrush  that has soft bristles, because I tend to brush to hard.  It's just a pretty toothbrush, that does its job.  But why not have more Art in a beautiful design in your life.  I started using Redmond Earthpaste toothpaste.  I still enjoy seeing the grey paste instead of white when you spit it out.  Maybe, I think it's cleaning my teeth better?  I do know my mouth feels cleaner and it doesn't have any crazy chemicals in it.  

Better Snack Game.  I am a big fan of popcorn.  One of my favorite snacks.  This thing I got for Fathers Day is the Thomas Rush Orange Popcorn maker.  It's pretty great.  Add some kernels, add some olive oil, add some salt, put in the microwave for 2.5 minutes.  Get the best tasting microwave popcorn I've ever had.  Saves me a lot of money from buying microwave popcorn and it's much healthier.  Taste, price and convenience.  

Better Food Game:  Move over slow cooker, you were great for a few years, but I'm an Instapot guy now.  What used to take 7 hours is now like 45 minutes.  Pressure makes good eats.  It also allows me to make much healthier food options.  This week I made a chuck roast with potatoes and carrots in 45 minutes.  Hard to beat.  

Better Self Care:  Shameless plus for my product the Mobi.  We invented it because it was the product I wanted to use.  I wanted a beautiful design of a self myofascial release tool that brought the best of 4-6 different tools into one.  One that was easy to have around, travel with and use.  Think of it as the toothbrush for your muscles.  We have had positive feedback from Olympians to almost every Professional Sports league.  Use it and love it.  

Better Breathing:  Nasal breath has some powerful reasons to do it.  More Nitric Oxide, better diaphragm control and use.  Controlling nervous system and heart rate.  Sometimes it can be difficult to control, it's easy to forget when your out running or biking and things get tired.  Enter 3M Micropore Surgical tape.  Easy to put on, easy to take off.  Tape your mouth shut.  Breath through that nose.

Better Learning:  This day and age of digital access, it is so easy to keep learning.  Some of the best coaches in the world have video and lectures on whatever subject you want to learn about.  Altis out of Arizona has seminars that are all online that you can access up to 400 hours of learning from some of the best coaches and therapists in the world.  Track, therapy, performance, coaching and it gets added to constantly.  Can't beat 20 bucks a month.  They even have their own app so you can learn from your cell phone.  ALTIS360

Better Coffee:  I'm really digging the Moka Pot.  I'm often up before my kids are up, so grinding beans in my espresso maker runs the risk of waking them up.  The cost/benefit of using my machine to get the magic elixir with the cost of potentially waking up my kids, was getting to risky.  Nothing beats coffee in the quite morning before the kids are up.  I had been using the aeropress, and still think it's great, but the Moka Pot has better espresso quality to it that I enjoy.  

Better Mineral Water:  I was a Gerolsteiner guy.  Now I'm a Topo Chico with Lime kind of guy.  Just really enjoy the taste at a better price.  

Anything you have added into you life this past year that has made some of your common life stuff a little bit better?