Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Learning Is Never Wasted

If you ever get a chance to watch Slum Dog Millionaire, watch it. It's a pretty fun movie. It has, I think, a pretty cool message. No learning is ever wasted. You will never know when the weird things you learn will become useful and beneficial. That English Lit degree may become useful even if your job is now in finance. No learning is ever wasted. Ben Carson, the tremendous and gifted neurosurgeon credits his interest in classical music getting him into Johns Hopkins. They interviewer and he had a shared love of Bach. It separated him from all the other gifted and qualified candidates. It's one of the main reasons I think hobbies are so beneficial. Out of the blue you will learn something that may help you with your "career." So read and participate and pursue your hobbies, you will never regret learning something new, and in the process may help yourself in unimaginable ways.

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