Monday, January 11, 2010

World Cup Race #6

Fresh off the Christmas break, we flew into Munich and drove down to Koonigsee, Germany for world cup race number six. Koonigsee is the home of the famous Eagles Nest, Hitlers last stronghold, for all you history buffs. Koonigsee, is a very tough German track and it showed in the first race for the women and the mens two man, where we were shut out of medals. We did come away with a fifth place by Erin Pac, so at least we got on the podium.

The next day the four man race was completely different. Again powered by very impressive starts that ranked 1st and 2nd in the second heat, we won the silver and bronze, with Steven Holcumb and John Napier, with 3 time Olympic gold medalist Andre Lange (GERMANY) winning gold. Andre Lange is probably the greatest bobsled driver in the history of the sport. Earlier this year, I had the priviledge of helping him out with some adductor strain issues he was dealing with.

This next week we are in St. Moritz, Switzerland. It's a big, big week as the USA Olympic team is named at the end. Stay tuned.


Dr. Scott said...

Hey man your name got left out in a cover story in the ACA news. they are talking about DC's at the Olympics and how they got there and who they will be working with. They don't even mention your name or the fact that Bobsled has you with them on world cup...then they list the guy who is "going to work with the bobsled team" as Tetsuya Hasegawa.... whats the deal?

Jason Ross said...

No I am the chiro for the bobsled teams, but won't be considered an Olympic chiropractor. Politics and credentialling. I will be credentialed as a coach. But I will be the one working with the Bobsled teams. Tetsuya is the chiro for the skeleton teams.

Dr. Scott said...

Good, i thought u were getting screwed again from politics. Great to hear. I sent the ACA editor an email as I think you deserve mention and some respect for what you have achieved working with your athletes. You do a great job and represent our profession well! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Jason is the man to work with bobsled teams. I learned a lot from him on the trips. Thanks Jason and your website is awesome. T