Friday, April 29, 2011

10 Health and Fitness Rants

1. Keep hydrated. The more I read about fascia, the more I'm convinced that dehydrated tissue makes fascia "sticky" resulting in more adhesion's in muscular junctions.

2. Thoracic spine is more important then previously thought. I think it's the primary curve affected by gravity in life. When it begins to lock down or increase in kyphosis, it may play a roll in low back pain, midback pain, scapular pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain.

3. Raising your Vitamin D levels takes longer then I would have guessed.

4. This video isn't by any means much weight in the world of lifting. It's good for me though, as this is the amount I lifted before two set backs. Sometimes their mental, hurt my back a year ago, sometimes physical, took this out of my elbow and still doesn't feel quite right.

5. When I start seeing all the hip flexors being tight and dysfunctional (psoas, rectus femoris, TFL, sartorious) I see a lumbar instability in the l5,l4 levels.

6. If you don't learn to manage load and capacity, you will always be dealing with an injury. You have a work capacity, stay in it, stay healthy, apply a load, that falls under your work capacity, you will stay healthy and get better. Apply a load bigger then your capacity, you will dampen your ability to heal, or get hurt.

7. Whenever you hit a Personal Best in anything, shut it down and rest. It doesn't matter if it's a big lift, a running time or a special marker workout. If you take your body to a place it's never been before, it's highly stressful. Enjoy it, rest and then come back. If not, your risking injury.

8. If you work with patients or athletes with chronically tight erector spinae look at them standing. If they stay on their toes, the erectors will stay "on." Cue them to stand on midfoot and watch their erectors magically relax. Posture first, then therapy, or you and they are fighting a losing battle.

9. Everyday, I see more and more how the body is one piece. Today I adjusted a persons T9,10 area and was told, hey my thumb isn't numb anymore. That's some fun, cool stuff.

10. The stuff that got you here, isn't the stuff that's going to get you there. Let me explain. This drills/exercises ect…that got you to 400 deadlift or 18 minute 5k or 3 hour marathon, are not the the things that are going to get you stronger, faster or further. Re-read that. It's crucial to keep you healthy and attaining your goals. To do better, you have to do better.

Enjoy your weekend! Take some naps like Rocco


helium said...

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Jason Ross said...

I'm glad you have found some helpful info!