Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dehydration and Positional Vertigo

I'm not sure why it seems to work this way, but when I see a certain condition, I start seeing a lot of it.  One patient will come in with plantar fascia, first one in months, then I will get quite a few more.

Lately, I have been seeing quite a few patients with positional vertigo.  Positional vertigo is the feeling of dizziness, sometimes nausea, coming from a certain position.  Could be laying down, could be sitting up, could be laying only on the right side.

 I started doing some research.  There are a few maneuvers that seem to help people.  Epley Maneuver being the most common.  The most interesting note, what I've seen help pretty quickly, is hydration.

Positional vertigo may be a result of being dehydrated.  I've seen it help a few right away.  If you have dizziness with positions or know of someone that does, tell them to drink up.  Hydrate.

On a side note, I always tell patients to drink a lot of water after getting treated.  I've now come to realize I have to give specific numbers after learning one patient thought 30 ounces was a lot of water.  For the record, 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces.


Sifter said...

Good stuff. Just be aware if any patients also have glaucoma, as I do, intake of a lot of water at once can dramatically raise IOP, intra-optic pressure. That's bad, 'cuz it destroys the optic nerve... in glaucoma eyes, anyway.

Jason Ross said...

Thanks, I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!