Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seven Principles for a Healthy Life

I just signed up for a seminar in January to learn from Dr. Bob Rakowski.  I'm pretty excited to hear this guy talk as I've heard some pretty awesome things about him from a mentor of mine.  Dr. Rakowski works a lot with nutrition and athletes and muscle recovery.  I've included an audio interview that he gave that gives some pretty eye opening information.  He also goes over his Magnificent 7 tips for a healthy life.

1.  Eat Right
2.  Drink Right
3.  Think Right
4.  Move Right
5.  Sleep Right
6.  Poop Right
7.  Talk Right

If you don't have the seven down, find help, get help.  Here is the audio interview.

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Dave said...

I loved this presentation! Thanks for providing it.