Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kimchi: Korean Super Food Explored

I recently stepped out of my culinary comfort zone and tried Kimchi, a traditional Korean side dish.  I'm not a big cabbage guy.  I'm not a big vegetable guy to be honest.  I hate shredded lettuce.  So I went in a bit doubtful, maybe a little more then just a bit.

I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked it.  There is a good possibility that I wanted to like it because it is so healthy for you.  But who cares.  I've added a new super food to my pallet, and super food it is.

Pretty much anything fermented is pretty great for your intestinal health.  Kimchi is no exception.  It is loaded with the good bacteria that helps digest food and keep your "internals" running smoothly.

Dr. Bob Rakowski has a saying, "Devoid of trauma, stuff that is wrong on the outside, always starts with something wrong on the inside."  Keep your digestive health at the fore front of your health and performance goals.

Other benefits are more outliers,  potential to decrease the duration of colds and UTI's.   It is a good source of fiber.  Helps to reduce the hyperacidity that may occur from meat and coffee.  (A little side project I'm doing is measuring my acid/alkaline levels each day)

If you are in Grand Rapids, Nourish Market on Wealthy, has an organic version that you see in the picture.

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