Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Emily Deans: What Not to Eat for Good Mental Health

Here are my notes from Emily Deans talk.  Again, the video is worth watching, but in a time crunch here are my cliff notes.  I've been following Emily's blog, Evolutionary Psychology for almost a year.  Cool stuff.

Avoid trans fats.  They are banned in the US.  Denmark banned earlier and cardiac deaths dropped very dramatically.  A food item can have .49g of trans fats and be allowed to be labeled "0 grams" trans fats.  Dirty pool I say.  Some foods like Pop Secret popcorn and Long John Silver, still have lots of trans fats in them.

Brain is 60% fat by dry weight.  Good fats and bad fats are fighting it out in your body.  Trans fats displace omega 3 fatty acids in your body.  They are already in short supply with the modern diet.

Depression, bipolar and ADHD all linked to low omega 3's.

Most interesting to me was the fructose malabsorption part.  The small intestine GLUT5 transporter doesn't take up the fructose efficiently leading to more fructose in the lower intestine.  Feeds the bad bacteria.  Gas, cramping, loose watery stools.  High correlation to inflammation, low Serotonin, and depression.  30-50% of European decent have this issue.  15% of ethnic population.  Wheat has something called "fructan" that will act just like fructose in the body.

Emily Deans, M.D. — What Not To Eat for Good Mental Health from Ancestral Health Society on Vimeo.

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