Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cool Reads and Random Thoughts for February

Some cool reads, thoughts and the best random stuff I can think of.

An article entitled "Is sitting this Generations Smoking?"  A pretty interesting way of putting things.  One hour of sitting shuts off 90% of your enzymes that burn fat!  Wow.  Watching an hour of TV is predictive of an increase of 11% of dying according to a study done in Australia.  

Working on a patients forearms that were hard as rocks and causing elbow pain.  Hammered the forearms muscles.  No results.  Checked on some nerve entrapment's around the subscapularis in the arm pit.  Forearms got much more pliable.  Nerve compression causing tightness on the muscles below. Lesson learned on my part.  I'm still learning.  Humbling, but fun.
I tried the Bulletproof coffee.  Quality coffee beans, grass fed butter, MCT oil.  Mix it and drink it.  Didn't do much for me.  But, I believe here's why.  I already had been using a very high quality coffee bean for my morning espresso.  Locally roasted, Rowsters here in Grand Rapids.  I use grass fed organic whole cream.  That's it.  The MCT oil didn't do much for me.  I got the original "Diesel" (espresso with whole cream) from Kurt Harris from Archeovore or Paleo 2.0 fame.  The only thing I ingest on most days till about 230pm.  

This brings me to the concept of self experimentation or bio-hacking.  Choose something your interested in, whether diet or exercise or habit and do it.  Do it for at least 3 weeks.  Do it and pay attention.  Do you feel better?  Move better?  Blood work better?  Then keep it or get rid of it.  Which is why this article bugged me to no end.  Gluten-Free, Whether You Need it or Not.  It basically stated at the end that gluten diets may be overblown and not that big of an issue for everyone.  Lots of people report improved health and energy and less allergies when they go off it.  But you will never know if you don't try it for a a few weeks.  Back to being your own self experimenter.  It goes on to say to do it under a doctors supervision.  Seriously?  Why do I need a doctor to tell me it's OK to give up all types of bread/pasta/oat for three weeks to see if I feel better? 

Because of my experiment with Bulletproof coffee, my intake of grass fed organic butter went way up. My cravings for junk/sweet/salty has been driven way down.  Grass fed butter has something called butyrate in it.  This is super healthy for you.  Butter my friends is not bad for you.  Forget what you've been told. you've been lied to.  If you want to read about the benefits of butyrate, Whole Health Source has a great article.  Basically, it drives inflammation in your gut way down.  Most of your immune system is in your gut.  So you do the math.

Want to be more successful in what you do?  How much self assessment do you do?  NY Times article drums up some good ideas on just that subject.  Always keep analyzing.  

An article on BYU football team that drinks pickle juice to help with cramps.  I'm a big believer in high sodium intake from personal experience for cramps.  But what I found even more interesting was that it wasn't just sodium, it was receptors in the mouth.  According to the theory, the oral receptors picked up on the acetic acid in the juice which triggered the brain to release the cramp or to not get one.  The sodium levels in the double blind study never changed fast enough to create an impact on the cramp, even though they did.

Pretty cool stuff about oral receptors.  New field,  that I believe will become bigger in the next few years.

Still need some prompting to supplement with Vitamin D?  Come on, the research is crazy strong on why you should do it.  Here's another Study.  What I don't understand is people will go blindly to get a flu shot for themselves and their kids, but won't give their kids Vitamin D because they worry about the dangers of having "to high of levels."  This study actually even showed improvement in asthma.  

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