Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Favorite Vitamix Green Drink

Seems like everyone is sharing their favorite greens drink recipe lately, so I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in.

Cup of Kale.  I tear the leaves off the stalk and throw the stalk out.  Lots of Vit K in Kale.  Some people worry about the potential for kidney stones from a lot of raw kale.  If your worried about that, substitute spinach.

1/2 a pear.  Sweetens it up

1/2 cucumber.  Silica in this veggie is good for skin/joints.

2" piece of ginger.  Awesome anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti viral.  Good stuff.  I like the kick it gives the drink as well.

1/4 of frozen banana.  Sweetens it up.

Teaspoon of cinnamon.  Potentially helps regulate blood sugar.

Scoop of Pure Vanilla Protein powder.  Some protein powders are better then others.  This one is up there.  Not denatured.  GMP.  No fillers or artificial ingredients.  Don't make a green drink and then dump in garbage.  Pay for a good protein powder or skip it.  20 grams of protein.  Whey is an immunity booster.

Scoop of Bulletproof collagen protein.  Great for the joints and ligaments.  I've tried others in the past that didn't taste this well.  I keep saying I'll make my own bone broth, but I procrastinate.  This serves the purpose and is great quality.  There is a lot of thinking out there that one of the increases in tendon/ligament issues in the younger generation is the lack of this in the diet.

Tablespoon of organic cacao powder.  Good magnesium content, high anti oxidant.

1/2 avocado.  Gives it an awesome creamy texture.  Good fats.

1 cup of raw milk.  If you don't have raw milk can substitute cocunut milk or almond milk.

1 cup of filtered water.

Handful of ice cubes.

Tastes great.  My kid loves it too, win and win.


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