Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Random Monthly Thoughts and Recaps

Things To Watch:

I really enjoyed the documentary Barkley Marathons.  It's about a very odd 100 mile inspired by a prison break.  There has been 10 finishers in 25 years.  You get to meet the odd and interesting man that puts on the race and the equally impressive and interesting people that feel drawn to compete in it.  Available on Netflix.

I have a fascination with the world of medicinal mushrooms.  The more I read or watch on it, the more I get interested in it.  I've enjoyed the products from Four Sigmatic foods and they are putting out some really cool youtube interviews.  Very informative.

Things to Read:

Probably the newest voice I've been reading is Scott Adams.  He is the creator of the comic Dilbert and has a really interesting blog.   Through his blog, I bought his book.  How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.   I'm really enjoying it.

Things to Do:
I've made a variation of this windmill a staple in my every day training.  It really makes the hips/lower back play nice together.  Will Chung showed me a variation of this, but this is a solid tutorial.

Things I'm Thinking about:

I know (believe) at the root of all injury is a cause.  There is no such thing as bad luck.  The last time I was in AZ working with some Olympic Sprinters through the organization ALTIS, one of the sprinters I was working with pulled her hamstring.  Everything seemed to look well for a competition and yet, she still was injured racing.  I can't stop thinking about there an answer?  Is there something that could have been seen that I didn't see.

Whats the significance of mono vs biarticular muscles.  Should they be trained differently?  Perhaps biarticular only trained isometrically.  Mono articular trained for endurance?  Frans Bosch has me thinking perhaps?

Lessons to be learned:

The things or attitude that brought you success in one arena may be a hindrance in another.  One very awesome patient is a lawyer that is also a runner.  The tenacity and hard work and just the mindset that I'll do whatever it takes to do well and succeed is often recipe for injury when it comes to a training plan.  Rest was seen as weakness almost.  Push, push, push till you get the result you want.  The problem is that training doesn't respond like that.  A different mindset is needed if recovery from injury is to happen.

Things I'm Playing Around With:

I'm trying to get in 60-75 grams of fiber per day from 8-12 real pieces of fruit and vegetables.  I've never actually eaten them consistently.  Going to do this for a few months and get my blood work redone to see how it looks.

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