Monday, January 7, 2019

Understanding that Context is King

Context:  The preceding or ending event, word or speech that gives clarity to the meaning.

Perspective:  An individual thought or attitude towards something, point of view.

We live in a world where perspectives have become the foundation for many peoples truths.  It's becoming paramount that your perspective is equal to my perspective.  Instead of trying to decide what your perspective is coming from, we just say you have your right to view it that way and I have the right to view it my way.  Go on about our days.

Perspective isn't the same as opinion.  My favorite vehicle is a 4Runner.  That is an opinion.  If I start telling people to never by a Chevy because they always break down and you are dumb if you buy one, my opinion is slowly evolving into a perspective.  That perspective can get dangerous if I start associating my perspective onto others.  Context is needed to change both.  I may have bought a Chevy it broke down and maybe I felt dumb for buying one.  Now I feel that this is universal.  I search for more people that have had similar circumstances and low and behold, my perspective was confirmed.  This is called confirmation bias.  Context would be looking for how many percentage of vehicles were broken down.  There is work that has to be done.  Context takes work.

You have to be careful with statistics when understanding context.  There were only 10 4Runners brought in to Toyota dealers for problems.  Wow, there were 100 Chevy's brought in.  I told you 4Runners were way better!  Dig Deeper.  There were only 20 4Runners on the road.  There were a  1000 Chevys.  This changes the complete picture.

Last year, did you hear Yanni or Laurel?  I heard Laurel clear as day.

My whole family heard Yanni.  I just assumed we have different way of interpreting the acoustic vibrations, maybe the anatomy of the ear had something to do with it.

Now this was a simple and silly difference, but with a little research the answer was found.  What if it had been a bigger thing?

This has been common meme in social media.

In reality, it should really be more like this.

I often play a game with my oldest kid about comparing things.  Are apples and oranges similar or different.  I want her thinking about context.  To ask better questions.  Are you asking if their both fruits or similar color?  Things we can eat or things that grow in Michigan?

Context requires work and thinking and research.  It also will eliminate misunderstandings, misconceptions and perhaps allow for better conversations and relationships.

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