Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Perfect Mile

Just finished a great book called, "The Perfect Mile," by Neal Bascomb.  It is the story of the first sub 4 minute mile and the 3 men in the early fifties chasing it.  It is now common knowledge that Roger Banister was indeed the first man to bring down the physical and mental barrier of the sub 4 minute mile.  
Consider this, before Roger, most people believed that if you ran that fast your body would shut down and there would be a good chance of death.  Roger took a different look and believed that a human being could indeed run that fast and set off to prove it.  What made the difference though was getting a coach that inspired him to believe that He could break the four minute mile.  This was a giant shift in thinking.  It went from being a concept, a thing to chase, to a goal, a thing to be achieved. 
This is profound if you think about it.  No more, sure it can be done, to sure it can be done and I'm the one to do it.  So I ask you this question, "What do you believe?"

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