Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Media Hype

I can remember being in my introductory neuro diagnostic class in chiropractic school and hearing my professor say a line I've always remembered.  "Follow the money!"  What does that mean?  It means if your looking at a product, information, research, review or action.....follow the money!  Who benefits from the result, the consequence, the information your reading?  Why is it being presented this way?  The information your being told, why is it being told that way and who benefits from it?  Recently I read another great post by Dr. Michael Eades, . In it he goes over how the media distorts studies and their findings in the Jupiter study involving statin drugs. It often seems like the media plays off fear (to get your attention, buy my paper, watch my network) and spins any and all information. This is another great reason to question drug studies, especially when it comes ones health. In this day an age it's up to the consumer to cut through the B.S. and hype and take their health into their own hands, because you won't be getting much help from the evening news.

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