Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Thoughts

Since I've been traveling with the US Bobsled teams the last few weeks I apologize for the lack of posts. The internet has been a little sketchy to come by and the work has kept me busy, but here are a few things i've been reading, thinking and doing.

1. Irradiation is pretty cool. Basically it's getting your whole body tense to do a lift, even if its not "normaly" called for. For example squeeze a captains of crush gripper with your left hand while you do a single arm dumbell snatch with your right. You will be able to do more weight because of the tension you have generated.

2. B vitamins are helpful after a night of drinking and German beer is pretty good.

3. Partner assisted single leg glute bridge. I came up with this with a few of the bobsled athletes. Works amazing. Hook your hands together and bend down in a squat position. Have the athlete lie on the floor with their heel in your hooked hands. Have them press up as in a normal glute bridge. Not only is there a greater range of motion for the hip extension, you will be able to feel how much force they push with. Compare the left vs the right side and you will be able to tell which glute needs more activation work.

4. Some type of barbell rollout or ab rollout should be in everyones strength training program.

5. Always check the external obliques with any foot/calf injury. The new gait after time will build up adhesions there especially if a protective boot is used.

6. Not sure how to address it, but the short head of the biceps femoris is crucial in maintaining hamstring health. There are different nerve innervations then to the long head. Something I'm thinking over.

7. I'm a lucky guy to get to travel Europe with a sports team. Sometimes you just have to be aware of your blessings.

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Hi Jason

My name is Trevor Wittwer and I have a few questions for you regarding your previous education. I attempted to access your website for contact information but that was unavailable so I figured this would be the best forum. If you could send an email to so I could get your email address it would be greatly appreciated. There is no rush so don't feel obligated to answer immediately. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.