Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolution Time

New Years Eve always brings about resolutions for the new year. Most fall flat and fail to hold your imagination and perseverance. That's why gym memberships go up in January and by March are lower then ever. Take a look at most new years resolutions it's cut this or cut that, lose this and lose that, quit this and quit that. Psychology has shown that the human psyche doesn't respond well to that kind of negative goal setting. It also shows that your more likely to quit a bad habit if you replace it with something. Also break down big goals to smaller more tangible goals. Lose weight is not a good goal. Lose 10 lbs by April 1st is. Whats better then that though is to break down that goal into smaller goals that are both positive and can replace a bad habit.

Drink 5 glasses of water every day. What you'll find is that your more likely to drink less pop. You will also probably find yourself eating less food as thirst is often times misinterpreted as hunger.. So instead of reaching for a pop, reach for a glass of water and if you still want the pop, go ahead. Eventually a good habit will replace the habit of reaching for a pop.

Take the stairs whenever possible. Something small and positive that will start to get your mindset into looking for opportunities to exercise.

So there are two easy examples of how to think of your steps in a positive way that are small and manageable that will go towards a bigger goal. So good luck with this years resolutions.

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