Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Thoughts

1.  Hypertrophy from high reps is sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, therefore there is not contractile component.  That means if your a strength athlete, you got bigger but not stronger!  

2.  How much protein to take in post workout?  
-72 reps = .6g/kg/lean body mass.  
73-200 reps = .8
200-360 = 1
360-450 -1.2
Or if your like me and don't want to do math or count reps everyday.  15g for 50lb of body weight

3.  Every .5 cm of forward neck placement ages the neck by 5 years.  Not to mention it slows you down as a runner.  More on that later!

4.  Another reason High Fructose consumption sucks is that it leads to increased glycation which equals increased muscle stiffness.  

5.  I read this the other day...I have no idea where or why or if its legit....if you get leg cramps at night in the left leg its a sign of magnesium deficiency.  If it's in the right leg a sign of potassium deficiency.  If anyone knows this is true or why, please let me know!

6.  Rethink treadmills.  Every spring I treat countless runners who worked up to like 10-15 miles on the treadmill in the dreary Michigan winter.  First sign of warmth they head outside and try to do the same mileage and hurt the hamstring/calf.  Treadmills can create faulty movement patterns.  In running you use the hamstrings to extend the hip.  When your on the treadmill it does this for you.  


Mike T Nelson said...

Treadmills suck large moose balls.

I think they confuse the body since the joints tell the brain "hey you are moving", but the eyes tell the brain "hey, you are NOT moving since you are in the same place now 30 minutes later"

I have a whole article on that soon.

I think the Mg think is from AK (applied kinesiology). Have you found it to be true?

Rock on
Mike N

Jason Ross said...

Mike...yea..I found it to be an AK thing. I tried it with two people the first had no effect, the second cleared them up. For sure need a larger pool then two people though! lol.