Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Quick Reference for Multi Vitamins

I get asked the question who makes a great multi vitamin quite a lot. The long answer is one that is pharmaceutical grade and has received the GMP stamp. Pharmaceutical grade is saying that if the FDA finally regulated vitamin production. The manufacturers wouldn't have to change a thing. It's the same quality of production that drugs are put through. GMP stamp says the government ranks it with Good Manufacturing Practices.

If it doesn't have these, your likely paying for ingredients that aren't even in there. If it says there is 500 mg of vitamin C, who knows if there are really that amount in them. Scary thought huh? Scarier is who knows what else is in there?

The short answer to a good multi vitamin is this. Look at the magnesium. It usually has a second word with it. Does it end in -ate? If so, its probably pretty good as this magnesium costs a lot more to add into the formula then the cheaper versions.

So there you go, a long answer and short. I would say do the research on companies your going to purchase from. But, if in a hurry...scan that magnesium. Now you know!


Anonymous said...

My friend tells me that many Shaklee supplements have DIN numbers (which prescription drugs have) presumably assuring us of the quality.

World Vitamins Online said...

You bring out a very good point. Being in medical manufacturing for years the control that has to be displayed and documented assures that you are producing exactly what you say you are producing.