Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yoseph Johnson and Ultimate Athletes Concept

This past weekend I had the pleasure to visit strength coach Yoseph Johnson and his company Ultimate Athlete Concept. They are based out of Muskegan, MI. It was quite the trip. It is always cool to get to pick someones brain and gain a few nuggets of knowledge that you can apply to your athletes. It gives you things to think about and to either prioritize, reprioritize or even eliminate when it comes to writing your training programs. Yoseph works closely with Michael Yessis, and has translated much of the Russian literature that is now available.

It was really cool to be able to spend an afternoon, watching him take a few athletes through different workouts, all the while explaining the rationale on why this exercise is being done, and why it's being done at this time. He worked out, what he calls a few low level athletes, kids just starting, a mid level, and one elite level athlete, a D1 football player.

Check out Ultimate Athlete Concepts if your interested in getting some of the Russian Literature and looking to expand your knowledge on training. If your an athlete in the West Michigan area, he would be a great help in trying to improve your athletic abilities.

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