Tuesday, November 24, 2009

World Cup Race #2

It was a great weekend for the US bobsled team this past weekend in Lake Placid, NY. The women put one sled in the top 6 and the men's team of John Napier won the two man event. The following day the mens four man team showed dominance as they took first and second. They were equally dominate at the start pushing the fastest and third fastest times of the day. The teams have a week off of competition as we head over to Europe for a race in Torino, Italy, sight of the 2006 Olympics.


Glenn said...

Congrats Jason!
You are turning me into a bobsled fan. ;)

Btw, I had my first ART treatment on Thursday, and I am very pleased at some noticeable improvement already. Three days after the session (ouch! btw) I did a heavy leg day, squatting 315x4, 325x3, 335x2, 345x1. The IT band barely bothered me, and while it flared up afteward, it was much less that usual.
ART.... woot!

Jason Ross said...

Glenn, very cool, hope the progress continues. Let me know, I'm very interested.

Thanks for following, bobsled needs as much support as it can get!