Friday, November 6, 2009

Lunge Assessment pt2

Last week we looked at one of the things to look for in doing a lunge. These clues will show you or your patients and athletes what can be going wrong with their bodies. This week as you lunge, look at the front knee, does it stay stable and straight ahead, or does it deviate towards the midline. If it deviates towards the midline it may be because a decrease in force production from the external rotatores of the hip. These are the muscles that lie underneath the glute max. Often times the decrease in force production may be caused by tightness or adhesion's in these muscles.

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Sifter said...

I know the 'standard' advice to strengthen the glute medius is to do X band walks, but I found they did zero for me. Stretching the $hit out of both the hamstring and inner hamstring (table top, one leg at a time, from dontigny's stuff) really helped. Paulie Zink also has some great 'chair yoga' videos for free on Youtube that keep the whole lower area moving freely.