Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve Random

A friend that practices in the Kansas City area just sent me a link to Very interesting blog for anyone interested in paleo dieting. Also, sent this very, very interesting link to running and your health. Think your running is helping you stay healthy? It will at least make you think.

Just read an article on Steve Nash, how he gave up sugar and never felt better. The average American will eat 2-3 pounds of sugar a week. I believe I've read that a teaspoon of sugar will suppress the immune system for 6 hours. My advice is to avoid sugar when traveling or under extra stress then you normal experience, (final exams, High Intensity WKT's) if you can't just go spartan and avoid it.

Check out this months Mens Health. There is a pretty cool article on bobsled athlete Justin Olsen. Gives you a quick glimpse in some of the training methods he uses.

Just finished reading "Superfreakonomics." I like the original better as I think it caught me off guard, but this is still worth reading. Always fascinating to look at apparently unrelated things and see the relationship and also to find the key, incentives. Looking into the new year, it would be wise to figure out your own incentives behind the goals you set for yourself this year.

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Mike T Nelson said...

Good stuff man! Happy 2010.

I too just finished Superfreakonomics. It was good, but I agree the first one was a bit better.

Rock on!
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)