Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Motivation: Why it is Important

Motivation is a powerful thing.  I forget where I heard this story, but I've heard it before, and just recently heard it again.  A man gets locked in a storage freezer, one of those big ones.  He gives up hope and starts to write on it, getting colder.  A bit later, writes, freezing, hands going numb.  Even later he writes, can't feel anything.  He dies.  He's found and it's discovered that the freezer was broken, it never got colder then like 59 degrees F.  He had plenty of air, he should have lived.  His mind convinced him he was dying.

What you think had profound impact on your reality and your life.   You can't say if you think positive that great things will always happen, that's unrealistic.  But there is pretty substantial data to say if you think negative all the time, great things will certainly come slower, if it all.  Whether you think you talk to yourself or not, you do.  It's estimated you speak 800-1400 words a minute to yourself.  Better fill it with positive words.  Words paint pictures.  Just as if your staring at it.  Your mind doesn't know the difference between the two.

A Vietnam POW was in prison for 5 years.  Every day he woke up and to keep himself sane, would play 18 holes in his head of his favorite golf course.  He would imagine every swing, every situation.  He pictured himself walking the course.  He read the green.   When he was finally released he went to that golf course and shot 5 shots better then he ever had.  He had been in a 5x5 cell for 5 years!

Motivation can help you paint better pictures, that's why it's important.  Think great words, paint great pictures.  Expect a great week!

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