Thursday, May 26, 2011

External Rotators Inhibiting Glute Function

One of the things I have been playing around with lately is showing patients the value of keeping the external rotators supple and loose. These are sometimes called the Deep 6, because of there number and the fact that they lay under the Glute max.

First, I test them with a single leg Glute bridge. Then after doing Active Release on whichever ones of the deep 6 are tight we retest. A majority of the time the Glute bridge is much stronger and smoother. Most report that they no longer feel that their hamstrings are going to cramp.

Try it for yourself. Single leg Glute bridge for three reps. Find your greater trochanter, take a lacrosse ball and roll just posterior to the trochanter for two minutes. Retest for three reps. If you got stronger you know the Deep 6 have been inhibiting your Glute extension.

-train out pain and train in performance!

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