Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Perspective on Forward Head Posture

Everyday I see some variance of forward head posture in many of the patients that I see. Some have issues stemming from the posture directly, but others have issues that the forward head posture will influence indirectly.

First things first, we know that anterior head placement will alter the curve and increase the chance of arthritis. SPINE. 1986

Second for every inch the ear comes forward of the shoulder we increase the weight of the head by about 10 pounds. Physiology of the Joints Vol.3. Reading through some Charles Poliquin articles, I came across a reference he uses by Rene Cailliet in Rejuvination Strategy. Cailliet is a biomechanics guy that has worked with the cervical and lumbar spines. He states that a displacement that creates enough weight to equal 30 lbs is enough to pull the whole spine out of alignment.

I seem to be able to give this a little second hand credence. When I stabilize the neck and help restore better mechanics of the upper cervical and cervical/thoracic junction, the low back stabilizes as well.

What to do with this info? Posture check right now. Where is your head? Remember, lose the battle with posture, you lose the war with health and performance.

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