Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Motivation: Get Better Every Day

Simple Concept.  Hard to do.  But, what if you did do it?  What would your life look like?

Motivation from Matthew Hanlon on Vimeo.


shinch'on said...

I read your post from a few years ago and I hope you can give me a little bit of advice. It has been 10 weeks since my ankle injury, avulsion fracture of the distal fibula and ATFL tear...both of which will never heal. I only started weight bearing a few weeks ago. My question is, should I be doing ankle strengthening exercises everyday? I know it is not correct to train arms, shoulders, legs, chest, or back everyday, but what about strengthening/rehab exercise for the calf, soleus, pereoneals and the other stabilizers in the ankle region that need to be strengthened to compensate for injuries such as mine? Can these muscles be trained daily?

Jason Ross said...

Yea, you will weight bear every day. You have to slowly start to get that area strong again. Even weight bearing will be an exercise though. It's not just endless rubber band stretches.

Why won't this ever heal?

shinch'on said...

The doctor said that 80% of all ATFL tears with avulsion fracture will not heal on their own. Th surrounding areas can be strengthened, but it is my understanding that the ATFL is now, and will forever be useless.

I wasnt clear on your answer. Can I do the ankle strenthening exercises/rehab exercise for the calf, soleus, pereoneals and the other stabilizers in the ankle region everyday? Like yesterday, I did a calf/soleus muscle pushdown machine where thefeet push the weight down and then slowly let it come back up with resistence. can this be done daily?

Jason Ross said... with it everyday. Do something everyday to strengthen it. Just make sure it's not exactly the same everyday. So you won't do just band exercises (same ones) every day. But you will do strengthening every day. Sorry about the confusion.