Monday, August 22, 2011

What is Pandiculation

This past weekend I was at a Muscle Activation seminar. I will address that at a later date. Before though, in preparation, I was reviewing some material by Thomas Hanna, author of Somatics. He talks of the pandicular response.

Pandiculation is basically combining a contraction type stretch with a yawn. Animals do this instinctively. Below is a video of my dog Rocco giving a great example before he heads outside.

There are a few interesting ideas on why this is an important reflex. Resets the length of muscles, restores some fascial function, redistribute free water in the extracellular matrix, which helps stabilize joints.

So when you get out of bed, reach up, contract, open your mouth and yawn. Think of all the great things you are doing for your body.

YouTube Video

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Anonymous said...

In the context of Hanna Somatics a pandiculation is actually a strong contraction followed by a slow controlled relaxation. This allows you to reset resting tonus and muscle length and restores muscle function. There is no stretching involved.