Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adrenal Fatigue and Knee Pain

One of the things I have always checked, but have been finding more and more recently, is bilateral tender points on the inside knee.  Find your Pes Anserine insertion.  This is on the inside tibia.  This is the common insertion for your Sartorious, Gracillis and Semitendinosis.  Follow the muscles up about two inches and press in.  If both sides are painful, it may be a clue that you have stressed adrenal glands.

How have you been sleeping?  Has your sugar or caffeine intake been higher then normal?  Have you had a craving for more high starch type carbohydrates.  These questions will all be clues for potential adrenal fatigue or stress.

A few things to eliminate to help with an Adrenal Stressed Diagnosis.  Make sure both arches are not collapsing, so both tibia's are not internally rotating.  I usually check to make sure both Tibialis Posterior muscles aren't tight and painful as well.  This will help eliminate a biomechanical cause.

What I have found as effective treatment is supplementing with Vitamin C, 3000mg for 10-14 days.  If they are open to taking it, Rhodeola Rhosea as well.  Eliminating the sugar for the same two week time period and trying for naps and earlier bed time if possible.  Usually in two weeks time, the knee pain is gone.


Mark A. Reinke, said...

It's incredible that you posted this. I've noted that same "tender spot", bilaterally, during times of stress and fatigue (graduate school, newborn children) and accompanying excessive intake of caffeine and sugar.
I always chalked it up to crappy movement mechanics under those same conditions... recently however, I have noted other symptoms of adrenal fatigue and after testing the spots, I note far more pain than normal.
I'm going to bed after taking a couple grams of vitamin C.


Adrenal Burnout said...

Thanks for pointing out the tender areas and muscles of your leg that may seem to be associated with adrenal fatigue. Good post.

Connie Lewis said...

A good Hormon Dr. helps they check your Thyroid and can give you Adreanal C tablets it all

Connie Lewis said...

,...it all helps.

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