Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rakowski Seminar Recap: Nutrition and Kinesiology

This past weekend had the opportunity to travel to Minneapolis, MN to learn some awesome information.  It was taught by Dr. Bob Rakowski.  Dr. Rakowski is a pretty amazing practitioner.  His patients consist of everything from Olympians and Professional Athletes to the opposite spectrum, cancer patients.  Some patients come to him as a last resort, including pancreatic cancer, Parkinson's and other cancers.

It would be pretty hard to list everything I learned, but I will try to give some highlights that I found very interesting.

Everything that has unexplained ear, eyes, nose and throat can potentially be coming from a cranial nerve.

The importance of eating organic food.  This video below will help drive the point home.  Our soil is depleted, no longer has the ability to impart all of life's nutrients to it.  30 some minerals in soil.  We put back just 3.

We have had Genetically Modified Food in our country for years.  It was banned in 6 months in Europe after it showed it caused severe health problems in rats.  The most GMO is corn.  The average American eats 52lb of corn in their diet per year.  (see the documentary King Corn)  Corn is like in everything!

Fastest growing specialty in America is Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery.  Simply put, our kids are falling apart.  Poor diet passed on to the next generations.  (see summary of Deep Nutrition and google Pottenger Cat Study)

The number one quality that elite athletes posses when asked in a survey was....drum roll.    FOCUS
Focus means the brain is functioning optimally.

Food in this country is designed to be addictive.  When dealing with problematic issues, things that won't resolve, whatever it is, wipe the slate clean.  Detox for a week.  He has specific protocols for the week.
Support during this week is provided what is classified by medical foods.  The FDA gives a food that label if it meets 4 requirements.
1.  Whats on the label is on the label and nothing else or more.
2.  Guaranteed Purity.
3.  Proven effective in Human Trials.
4.  Every nutrient in the food is recognized as safe.

Cancer has been shown to eat sugar.  Hence, the PET scan.  Cancer's perfect storm, is low Oxygen, low nutrients and high acidic environment.

Cool trick that I want to try.  Walk 15 feet in shoes.  Test ROM.  Walk 15 feet in sand.  Test ROM.  See the difference?

Bodies respond to Frequency, Intensity, Duration, Quality and Timing.  (found this to be simple, but profound)

The joints are the most important relayer of information to the brain.

Ikegai=Purpose for waking up in the morning.  This is vitally important for long life.

You don't poison the body to good health.

Waist should not exceed 1/2 your height in inches when measured.  If it does, you are looking for health problems.

Toxins inhibit Mitochondrial function.  See Terry Wahls awesome video to give you an idea about feeding the mitochondria and beating MS.

Sprinters, when you are alkaline you don't slow down from 60-100 meters.  Test your sprinters blood pressure on the table and as they get off the table.  If it doesn't raise, they will be slow out of the blocks.

Better breast milk for your future kids has the recipe of organic foods and lots of cruciferous vegetables.

Rhubarb is a great antagonist for estrogen.  Guys we should be eating this stuff.

Obesity shrinks the brain, trans fats shrink the brain, nutrients preserve the brain.

Need Protein while you detox.  This is important and is often overlooked.

All in all, this was a great seminar.  This was predominately just the nutrition we discussed and not the muscle testing and function part.  Can't wait to try to get back for another.