Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Random Thoughts from Train Out Pain

A recent realization in the past few weeks is that endurance athletes that train for some power, have a higher resiliency to injury.  Instead of just putting in miles on the road, time in the saddle, strokes in the pool, add in some box jumps, double under jump roping, speed bounds or something that requires maximum effort done quickly.

Wave loading is an awesome method to break through plateaus.  I still remember learning about them from Istvan Javorek for the first time.  Javorek is famous for barbell and dumbell complexes.  (Another great training method).  I did my first wave at 21.  I usually end up doing 6-8 weeks of wave loading 2x a year.  A typical wave might look like this, warm up, 3rep, 8rep, 2rep, 6rep, 1rep, 3rep.  Another Wave workout may go like this.  6rep, 4rep, 2rep, and then go up in weight to do another wave same workout, of 6,4,2 reps respectively.  Give it a try if you've never ridden the wave before.

This is more of a paradigm shift in thinking, but I will leave you with this thought.  I don't know who to give credit to for it.  "Food is an Investment."    What are you investing in?

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