Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anatomy as You Learned It May Be Wrong

Here is a very interesting article that I was given about half a year ago.  If you work with athletes and patients it's a great article to save and read.  It's called "The Architecture of Connective Tissue."  
It challenges the notion of how ligaments, muscles and tendons tie in and relate to each other.  The old standard of tissue in parallel is not correct, they are in series.

I was reminded of it the last few days because I found this video on Youtube that highlights a bit of what the article covers.  Very interesting stuff.   Take away this quote, "What you see in Netter (anatomy book) isn't there.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

The article link doesn't work. Thanks

Jason Ross said...

Ok...think I fixed it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

If you have done dissections for yourself and operated, you can`t believe what he says. There are so much more static ligaments, the capsules can be loose in one position of thre joint, and of course muscles dont converge in bone, but gothere with a tendoosseus section and fascia. Maybe theres a reason noone cited the work of this one author.