Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cesarean Births May Alter Gut Microbes in Babies

I've been reading some more on GI Health and one very interesting theory that is being highly regarded has to do with wether the baby is born the natural way or by cesarian (c section).

If you didn't know, C sections are now almost 1 in 3 births in the United States. One thing that does seem to have good correlation, is that kids born by c section have a higher increase in asthma.

The theory now presents that being born the natural way through the mothers birth canal exposes the baby to many of the different bacteria that the baby needs for proper digestion and health.

Without this early exposure and colonization, digestive issues and lower immunity may be more prevalent.

If you do have a baby born cesarian and noticed he or she has more colds/sickness, it may be worth supplementing with a probiotic for a boost in the good bacteria.

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