Friday, October 5, 2012

Random Friday Things to Think About

I worked on my first Amish farmer the other day.  Very nice gentlemen, he had one physical feature that I found remarkable.  Massive muscular hands.  He was very average in build, but his hands were just strong and thick.  It was an impressive reminder what high volume/high frequency can produce.  Hours each day every day for years and years of farm work.

I'm having a triathlete that I'm helping do some chin-ups every time he passes under a door in his house to work this principle to bring up weak lats so he can be a stronger swimmer.

Saw this the other day and it just struck me as kinda awesome.  It's been called the Netherlands oldest extreme sport.  Canal Jumping!

Quit doing reverse curls, you are just overloading your pronator teres and will lead to flexor pain.  Bill DeSimone gives a great explanation of forearm anatomy in his Congruent Exercise book.

According to Ori Hofmekler author of several books, he believes the most important muscle fiber in your body is the Type 2b.  Type one is slow and burns fat, Type 2a is fast and burns carbs, Type2b is the fast/glycolytic and burns both, this is the fiber that should be trained.  I'm reading his book, "Unlock the Muscle Gene."

From a paper entitled, "Can the Body Use Fascia as a Method of Communication."

-the fascial system is the largest system in the body and is the only system that touches every other system. The fascia may be viewed as a single organ, a unified whole, the environment in which all body systems function.

-connective tissue forms an anatomical network throughout the body and functions as a body-wide mechanosensitive signaling network. The signals work by way of electrical, cellular and tissue remodeling. Signaling also occurs through changes in movement and posture, and signaling would be altered in pathological conditions such as local decreased mobility due to injury or pain.

Whats the take away?  Fascia potentially influences every other system in your body.  We can influence fascia through our movement and posture for better or worse and also it is compromised through injury and pain.  So if the fascia is poor quality, it stands in theory, that other systems in your body will begin to suffer.  

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