Thursday, June 27, 2013

Interesting and Cool Reads

Foods you eat can have a direct impact on your skins ability to fight UV rays.  Dark chocolate flavonoids show great ability as well as green tea and tomatoes.  Instead of just slathering on sunscreen perhaps add these foods into your diet.  Chocolate as Sunscreen.

For therapists working with athletes and groin pain, make sure the diaphragm is functioning properly.  Thomas Myers has shown a direct relationship with the Pectineus muscle and the diaphragm.  Find Your Pectineus.

A very interesting paper on a potential true cause of Fibromyalgia.  The hypothesis is there is extra sensory nerve endings around shunts in the hands and feet.  Not only are they involved in temperature regulation, but in diverting blood to where it is needed the most.  Fibromyalgia patients have extra sensory nerve endings which explains why they often have sore hands and feet.  Fybromyalgia is Not All in the Head.

Circadian Rhythm is a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to health, sleeping and hormonal issues, but this article talks about osteoarthritis and how cartilage cells actually have clocks as well.  The cartilage has peaks of temperature.  This has implications for drug use, perhaps the drugs will have stronger affect when taken at certain times.  More and more the bodies natural circadian rhythm shows strong health implications.  Body Clock linked to Osteoarthritis. 

MRI confirms that people that suffer with Restless Leg Syndrome have higher levels of Glutamate in the brain.  If confirmed will lead to different drugs already available to be used as first treatment options.  RLS and Glutamate.

Probably the coolest thing I learned is why we have an appendix.  The idea that we just have an organ that "we don't really need," has never really seemed right to me.  I had heard that it was perhaps part of the immune system.  This article talks about how it houses good bacteria and that it repopulates the intestines after heavy bouts of antibiotics or severe diarrhea.  Appendix isn't Useless.

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