Friday, June 14, 2013

Leave the Dumbbells at Home

Every now and then I'll start to think about an exercise a little more intensely.  It is often after hearing a patient hurt themselves doing it.  Most of the time, it's just a quick technique analysis, minor adjustment and the exercise becomes a "good" thing again.

But, once in awhile, I think there are a few exercises to just put on the shelf and retire.  Enter the Dumbbell Curl Walk.  It seems to attract women over the age of 40.  In their hands are colorful dumbbells.  They go for walks as they do dumbbell curls and an occasional shoulder press.  While I admire the though process, lets make it harder and combine weightlifting and cardio, it's not a good idea.

Walking is a reflexive activity.  You don't think about it and no one ever taught you how to do it.  In fact,  if you slow it down and start to think about how to do it, you will most likely mess up.

Now curling a weight is not a reflexive activity.  You have to think about it.  You have to have some technique.  Don't focus and you do enough repetitions and a painful shoulder may result.

Walking is a tremendous exercise.  Everyone should do more.  Often my advice after getting adjusted is go for a brisk walk and use that spinal engine.  Curling is also a good exercise.  It's the combo that doesn't make sense.

If you want to make the walk harder, invest in a weight vest.  That's a very safe, very awesome exercise.  Like running with ankle weights, put the dumbbell curl walk in the retirement home.


plasterer bristol said...

So true i do this a lot of the time.

Novak Jim said...

Yes walking is one of the best physical activities. We can get fitness through this exercise. I will absolutely do this dumbbell curl walk exercise to keep active.
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Albort Cena said...
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Albort Cena said...
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Albort Cena said...

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