Saturday, November 9, 2013

Weekend Coffee #3: Good Reads

Grab your espresso, hunker down and enjoy a few reads that I've accumulated.  Hopefully something sparks your interest to read the full version.  Links provided.

I'm really interested and continue to try to improve on my understanding and implementation of PRI (Postural Restoration Institute) principles.   On the inside, we are not symmetrical.  In fact, we are very asymmetrical, and it is these asymmetries that create patterns in us.  This article talks about the right thoracic curvature in adults after adolescence.  (most scoliosis is right)  Should be a reason,  correct?  Right Thoracic Curve.

I'm always telling people about the importance of high quality fat in their diet.  This is just a basic article talking about those benefits.  Many Roles of Saturated Fat. 

We need to keep physical education in our kids lives.  So many things point to physical activity strengthening the relationship of kids learning.  Yet, we still seem to be slashing these activities in our public schools.  How Physical Fitness Promotes School Success.

There are some crazy bacteria resistant strains out there.  Ever have to deal with anyone struggling with GI issues, IBS or some crazy bacterial infection?  Life simply becomes a struggle to get through the day, let alone make the day worthwhile.  I recently had a patient tell me of her fecal transplant procedure and how it literally gave her life back in a matter of days!  Very amazing.  Fecal Transplant Article.

Not an article, but I thought a pretty good video interview with Dr. Alan Christianson about thyroid health on  50 minutes.  Video Interview.

Can your grip strength influence how long you live?  This study shows that low grip strength in adolescence had an influence on risk factors of suicide and cardiovascular disease.  Grip Strength.

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