Friday, January 2, 2015

What is an Athlete?

I'm a big believer that everyone at the heart of it can be an athlete.  Obviously, not everyone can be a great athlete, but everyone can use their body.  That is my definition of an athlete, "The ability to use the body you have been given for the physical task at hand."

Everyone has a different task perhaps in mind.  I always correct people when they tell me they are not athletic in my clinic.  Do you enjoy doing things with your body?  Running, walking, biking, playing with your kids...that is being an athlete.  You don't have to compete at a sport.  You don't have to break world records.

One of my favorite things is helping someone that never considered themselves to be an athlete, discover the love of doing something with their body.  Lot of times, I meet them after the fact.  They have discovered the enjoyment of pushing themselves physically.  (They pushed to hard, or didn't have a clue on training)

Helping them get back to doing what they have a new love for is very satisfying.

Part of the process is though is getting them to understand that this is part of being an athlete.  OVERCOMING.

It's great to line up for a race feeling perfect, having had perfect training, perfect weather.  This is few and far between though.  When the stars align as I say.

Most of them time, you have had to piece meal training.  Injuries, sickness, family, work stress all take a toll. Sometimes you line up with so much doubt about your physical self.  Will my knee hold up, will my calf make it, will that pesky low back keep quite?  It's to cold, it's to hot, it's to windy.

This is also part of being an athlete.  Dealing with the unknown.

Embrace it all.  Embrace the rehab.  Fighting to get back to doing what you love.  Doing boring and monotonous drills.  Resting.  How hard is it for some people to rest!  Rest takes discipline.  If all this is done correctly you can actually come back stronger, better.

You will never regret exploring your athletic side.  It will require a price.  But, that price is far cheaper then leaving that athletic side on the shelf, rusted and never used.

"A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are made for."
William G.T. Shedd

This year I hope you explore your athletic side.

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