Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Post of 2014

I think I did it.  Did one post a day for a full year.  Some sucked.  Some were pretty good.  Some were just videos.  Some took me hours to write.  Hopefully if you checked in once a week you learned something and better yet, you were moved to go look up something from a video or concept.  I love that.  Finding a name of someone or a concept and running down the rabbit hole with it.  Finding the tangents that intertwine and weave together with it.

One of the things I'm going to do this year is each month pick one concept mentally, physically and emotionally and devote the month to that.  I'm starting to think no progress is made with moderation. You can't do something occasionally and get better at it.  Moderation is an excuse at times.

Maybe one month my mental goal is to delve as deep into the lumbar spine as I can.  Maybe, physically it's an L-sit to press.  Over and Over.  I haven't ironed out all the rules or concepts, except I want to take a month and just attack and get deep into one thing at a time.  Maybe I will only deadlift or something.  I'm not sure.  Can I take a cold shower only for a month?

I'm still playing around with the concept in my head.  But, I want to narrow my focus in on a few subjects and movements and physical goals and attack them instead of diversifying my interests.  If you want a learn a language move to the country.  That kind of concept!

I won't be posting everyday, but I plan on posting on more days then not!  I'll give updates on my "Non Moderation" and hopefully you can join if you would like with your own.

I had a great year in 2014.  Looking forward to 2015.  Everyday, feel gratitude.  It's a universal concept and principal that will change your life.

Be Grateful.


Kathy Roth said...

Thanks Jason for taking the time to post, enjoyed 2014 blogs!

Jason Ross said...

Thanks Kathy!

Danny said...

Fantastic achievement Jason, I read every post, great stuff! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the December 30th post?