Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekend Reading For Your Enjoyment

This is some highlights of things I've read that are worth taking a look into. Grab some coffee and enjoy!

 I was preparing a mobility talk for some cancer survivors when I came across these gems.  First, 65% of Cancer Survivors Don't Meet National Exercise Recommendations.    This is a big deal.  2.5 hours of light activity and 1.5 hours of vigorous activity in a week make up the recommendations.  Those that meet this requirement have a 30-40% greater survival rate.  Huge.

This paper talks about the potential mechanism of the increase in survival.  There is a hormone called Isirin that is produced after vigorous exercise.  Discovered in 2012, it has highly anti cancer properties and keeps the cancer from spreading.  They think it's potential mechanism is by anti inflammation.  Exercise Hormone May Offer Cancer Protection.

Thousands of calf strains later, perhaps barefoot isn't exactly the way to go when you have worn shoes your whole life and you run on sidewalks.  This paper explores that not all barefoot populations run on their forefoot.  Speed, surface and individual variability play a roll.  Variation in Foot Strike Patterns in Barefoot Populations.  

I had a pretty cool patient interaction that is using high dose Melatonin for its anti inflammation capabilities concerning the CNS.  Very cool paper.  Anti-inflammatory Activity of Melatonin in the Central Nervous System.

This is an excellent article that has tremendous value on loading and using your tendons for health and healing.  Gone are the days of just taking NSAIDS.  Throw Away Antiinflammatories and Start Loading Your Damaged Tendons. 

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