Saturday, February 21, 2015

Why You Should Be Angry About Your Food/Food Advice

This past week there have been several articles written about health and food.  But, more importantly, they exposed a problem, dishonesty.  First, with the attention grabber headline, "We Now Know How Many People Will Get Cancer From Soda."

Normally, these kind of headlines I find annoying.  Fear based stuff, irks me.  But, this one was different.  There is an ingredient called 4-Mel, that is for a Carmel color, that when present in large enough doses is a cancer carcinogen.  Pepsi products appear to be the worse.  It stays "under" dangerous levels when you only drink one can.  Drink more, your playing with fire.


It doesn't change the flavor.  I'm sure people don't know that their cancer risk increases.  Soda just keeps getting worse and worse for you.  This is the PLOS ONE article:  Caramel Color in Soft drinks and Exposure to 4-Mel:  Risk Assessment. 

This article in NY Time, "The Governments Bad Dietary Advice," sums up what many people have known for awhile, their advice is garbage, and at times dangerous.  They have officially changed position about the evils of fat.  They have relaxed their cholesterol guidelines.  My question is this, how many people have got put on a Statin drug because their Cholesterol numbers were dangerous?

Many of my patients that get put on a Statin have decreased energy and many complain of joint pain.  What happens when you have decreased energy and a joint hurts?  You move less.  What happens when you move less?  You are less healthy!

The only thing I didn't like about the article is that it goes on an anti-carb direction towards the end.  Don't be afraid of carbs.  I'm just a little angry at all the fear put out their in diets and food advice and all the junk that is out there needlessly in our foods.

First move well, then move often.  Eat whole foods, drink water, tea and coffee.  Don't be afraid of any macro nutrient. Eat as many colors as you can, everyday.

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