Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mark Twain Even Fasted!

I've been a proponent and supporter of  Intermittent fasting for a long time.  It  has a lot of research behind it for health benefits.  Fasting has long been held in great respect in cultures though out the world.  In the last 15 years it has really gained ground.  That is why I found this article in Physical Culture so interesting, it was written in 1919, about Twains writing in 1866!

This article tells the discovery of Mark Twain, the author, first exposure into Fasting.  Mark Twain's Writing on Fasting .  He was sick in bed when sailors that had been stranded at sea for 43 days were finally rescued.  They were gaunt and weak, but all made full recoveries within days.  In fact, one that had been dealing with access, had made a complete recovery.  This got Mark Twain thinking about the health benefits of total lack of food while sick.

This reminded me of another great post from The Art of Manliness about the concept of Via Negativa.  Addition by subtraction. How to improve your life by not doing something.  Instead of spending more time in the gym, you quit smoking.  You stop something in your life that produces more results then adding something to your life.

That is what fasting is.  Improving life, by taking (calories) away.  I highly recommend adding this into your life.  An easy way to start and give it a try is to stop eating at 8pm.  Don't eat again till noon.  You will have just gone 16 hours without food.  You can drink water, tea and coffee.  I think after a few times, you will find more energy, more focus and clarity and overall improvement in well being.

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