Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Things I Don't Understand

Ever now and then I think to myself, this really doesn't make a lot of sense, I usually just move on, but I figured I would keep a list of them lately.


Ordering a Starbucks drink with room for cream, they put the lid on.  I then carry my covered drink 3 steps to the cream, take the lid off, pour in the cream and put the lid back on.  Why not just give me the drink with the lid off?  (maybe it's policy)

When a patient comes in as a new patient for you to look at something, (quite chronic) and they proceed to tell you they have a surgery scheduled for one week, but wanted to see if you could do anything.  This has happened so often, I quit keeping track.  A good rule of thumb, if you really want to avoid surgery, give yourself the same amount of time to see what can be done as the amount of time you will be in rehab.  So if you are having a shoulder surgery that requires 4 months of rehab, give yourself 4 months to see if indeed a surgery can be avoided.

People that do an exercise that they know hurts them even though they are doing it to feel better.   Every time I do the yoga twist my back is sore for days?  Why do you keep doing it?  I want my back to feel better.  Talk about an oxymoron!  This goes for every exercise.  I've had people tell me everything at some point.  Ask for an alternative, or figure out the why that exercise hurts.  But, don't keep banging your head against the wall hoping it solves your "headache."

People that tell me coffee is unhealthy.

The gap between what we know in physical education and actual school education.  There is researched well known facts, that are repeated over and over that shows direct relationship between physical activity, (gym, play, recess) and doing better in school.  Yet, it's getting systematically cut from the schools.  Ironically, these same schools are cutting it to chase better test scores.

You brush your teeth most likely 2x a day.  Your teeth can be replaced.  Dentures.  Do you want to do this..no.  But, it can be lived with.  How come no one does a musculoskeletal "cleaning" 2x a day.  Something as simple as a minute of cat/camel in the morning and evening.  You don't have the option of replacing your spine.  Your just old before your time.

People that tell me they don't like to read.  This statement is for foreign to me.  I grew up loving books and still do.  As a kid, you could travel to amazing adventures.  As an adult you can travel to amazing adventures, that you can actually plan on doing yourself!  Some books are also like the boiled down version of everything a person knows.  A person may have worked in a field for 30 years and then taken that 30 years of lessons/experience and boiled it down to 300 pages.  In a matter of hours you can download that 30 years for yourself.  Whenever I get a new book, I get a little excited and think about that scene in the Matrix where Neo downloads a new program..."I know Kung Fu."

People that expect to be good at something they have never done.  Being good at golf, doesn't make you good at swimming.  Lance Armstrong was downright mediocre as a runner, he was the best biker in the world.

Equating security for freedom.  This job has good health insurance so I'm staying at the job I hate.  That is self imprisonment.

Why my 16 month old can't sleep through the night.  Kid, give us some uninterrupted sleep.  We'd all be better off including you.

People are still smoking that are under 50 years old.  I give you an age break, because lets face it, addiction is a real thing.  I'm not going to judge that.  In the 50's and 60's they still had advertisements that it was healthy.  Presently, there is no room for misunderstanding.  It is horrible for your health.  No one thinks you look cool.  There is no possible reason to even try smoking.  Yet I still see younger people huddled in the freezing cold, puffing away their health and money.

Spending primo money on things you put on your body, clothes, lotions, shoes and looking to spend the least amount possible on the things you put in your body.

Young athletes that are looking for the keys to the kingdom, but ignore sound advice, like get 8 hours of sleep, drink lots of water and eat protein with every meal.  The next visit they are asking about some new supplement that is like 70 dollars.  You getting good sleep yet?  No, but I'm working on it. Have you ever heard of XYZ MAX PRO?  It's supposed to put on lean muscle really quick.  LOL.

I'm sure at some point I'll think of some more.

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