Saturday, August 16, 2008

Congrats to Danielle Musto.  Pro mountain bike racer.  She just won the 6 hours of Pando race.  The Pando race course was not an easy walk in the park as I can attest to.  We preroad it the night before and I ended up crashing 3x.  It was one of those courses that seem to only go uphill.  To make this even more impressive, this was a recovery week from placing 2nd at the 24 hour National Championships in Wisconsin last week.  
Yes, 24 hours on a moutain bike is crazy.  It can reek havoc on your body.  You have to do things to insure your body against constant breakdown.  Hip abductors must stay loose and strong or IT band issues will creep in.  Core endurance and psoas flexability must stay high or low back pain will be a constant companion.  Thoracic mobility must be constantly worked on or levator scapula/upper trap tightness will follow each ride.  It's the little things done constantly that allow athletes to compete healthy and stay in contention for any type of championship. 

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reverend dick said...

Can you speak a little more specifically to thoracic mobility?