Thursday, September 18, 2008

Front Squat Tips

From a few posts back, you know that I'm a big believer in keeping the bar off the spine and limiting the amount of spinal compression. Front Squating is a great alternative. Unfortunately front squatting is hard! Thats why most people will never do it. You can't use as much weight so the ego takes a hit. It can feel like your slowly choking yourself and most peoples wrists aren't that flexible to even get in the position. I learned this tip from my buddy Cameran Gardner a few years back while we were both training at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY. Cameran is a strength coach and firefighter in New Jersey. If you tie wrist straps around the bar you can then use them for leverage and not worry about wrist or elbow flexability becoming a limiting factor. Talk about a world of differnece.


Selvasol said...

Where does the bar rest? It looks like it is still resting on the man's back. Would you have a suggestion for leg strength workouts without 'weight room equipment'?

from a reader of Danielle's blog

Sifter said...

Only problem with front squats is sometimes the upper body fatigues long before the legs get enough work to get stronger. I like Mike Boyle, too, but I don't know if he addresses this issue.

Jason Ross said...

I honestly haven't seen that. It is taxing on the rhomboids, but I don't have anyone front squat over 5 reps. We us it for ME work and DE work. If I want to use repetitions, I will throw in something much less technical. 5x5 of Front squats, you will get stronger, it will make you hate life for that 35 minutes, but you will get stronger.

Jason Ross said...

Selvasol, Sorry I never saw your comment. If your still intereted in leg wkts, without equipment. Let me know. Thanks

Sifter said...

I think I would just try more Zerchers (from rack)