Thursday, September 18, 2008

Smart Training

So last night I had a max effort front squat schedualed. My body was feeling really good. Each warm up set felt better then the one before. I felt in groove. The weights were coming up with good speed. On my last set before trying to go for a new PR, I felt a bit of tightness in my upper left quad. Dillema. Every one has been there. Do I push through or do I taper it back. What are the costs/benefits? I decided to taper it back. I will have another shot at a PR in a few weeks when I retest. I'm still dealing with a torn calf from July. Achievements come from the long consistent journey. Not from one great day. The best training advice I've ever recieved was "one workout will not make you, but one workout can definetly break you." So there are going to be times when your going to have to push yourself to grow, pick them wisely, listen to your body, training is all about consistency.

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