Monday, October 20, 2008

Can Eye Movements Enhance Strength

The last few weeks I have been playing with a concept I first heard from Mike T. Nelson, a trainer out in Minnesota.  He is a Z-health practitioner.  They have some very interesting concepts and protocols for health and performance.  The originator Dr. Eric Cobb presents some intriguing joint mobility exercises and drills to enhance performance.  One such drill is for enhancing the extensors.  With the head in neutral, look up with your eyes.  This should bring about an increase in your extensor power.  While the opposite is also true, looking down with will enhance the flexors.  Keep in mind this is eye movement.  So the head stays completely neutral.  No cervical hyper extension!  So give it a try.  Next time it's heavy deadlift day, grip it and look up with the eyes and see if it comes off the floor with a little more pop.  

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Mike T Nelson said...

Good stuff and thanks for the shout out!
Rock on!
Mike N