Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. Vitamin D will be the next big supplement. Did you know that Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin but a hormone? There is a ton of research coming out on how it can help in about every way possible from athletic improvement to fighting cancer to bone health. The standard 400 IU recomendation has been grossly understated. Expect it to move up to 1000 IU in a few years. Its also pretty hard to get in the standard diet unless you've been guzzling your cod liver oil? Anyone? Also with the slathering on of 45 spf your not getting it from the sun.

2. Brain actually uses lactate for fuel during exercise not glucose. How cool is that? Carbs are looking less and less important. Score one for the protein fat camp.

3. Intervals have once again beaten the socks off of LSD ( long slow death...sorry....long slow distance) when comparing fat loss. Instead of running a mile, try running 8x200 with appropriate rest intervals, if fat loss is your goal.

4. If you keep your glutes strong and your hip flexors loose, 90% of low back problems will be resolved or never come to fruition.

5. Having rotator cuff problems? Internal and External rotations with a light band for 3x12 will not resolve the issue. Strengthen the scapular stabilizers. The scapulae is the answer for most shoulder problems!

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