Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shoulder Prehab w/external Rotation

With a light band, as you strengthen the external rotatores, the opposite shoulders internal rotatores are forced to isometrically contract. Try 3 sets of 15. This is what I consider a filler exercise. In between work sets, throw some of these in to keep your shoulders healthy and stable.


Dr. Scott said...

Hey J, good work on the 100mile bike, sounds not fun. Hope things are going well, we should put together some seminar stuff to do, I am speaking again this year at the Iowa chiropractic association annual conv. We should team up and do some stuff. One thing about this post, is there a typo with the internal rotators isometric contract? should it be external?

Jason Ross said...

That would be cool man, might have to wait, I'm going to be taking off in a few weeks with the bobsled team. The video may not have looked right, while the right shoulder externally rotates, the band is pulling the left arm in (trying to) so your left arm is resisting Int. Rot. Is my thinking wrong?