Thursday, September 24, 2009

Your Mom Was Wrong!

Growing up how many of heard, "Sit still!" Whether it was in the back of the car, at the dinner table or at the movies, I'm sure many of heard that reprimand. Well I'm here to tell you, she was wrong. It's good to fidget, it's good to not stay in one position.

There is a process called hysteresis or creep. This more simply put, means that after about twenty minutes, your soft tissues take on that new position, and often times takes twice as long to reach there original position. So if your sitting in a car, at a desk, on a bike, your bodies structures are shortening. So you need to stop and break the cycle. Get up from the desk every ten minutes, even if it's just for a quick ten minute stretch. Move around in your seat while driving. Change your hand and head position often while your biking, get up out of the saddle and pound the pedals for a few seconds every ten minutes.

Your body was made to move, it loves motion. When you don't use it, you slowly start to lose it. Fidgeting is a good thing. Go tell your mom she was wrong.

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